Rare Vespa Accessory

We love a 3-wheeler and so when we discover something strange even about these little vehicles, it catches our attention. Like this Ape which we spotted at the Museo Piaggio at the Piaggio factory in Pontedera in Italy. Both Innocenti and Piaggio made commercial versions of their respective Lambretta and Vespa scooters and while a … Continue reading Rare Vespa Accessory

Vespa Ape Lighthouse

There is no more to say other than for all those doubting the versatility of Piaggio's Vespa Ape three-wheelers, well here is yet another example of useful they can be! And for those who like their Apes we have some more posts here and here and here and here amongst others, and if you search … Continue reading Vespa Ape Lighthouse

New geared 200cc Ape from Piaggio

Despite everyone in the world of scooter manufacturing favouring automatic (CVT) engines these days, Italian firm Piaggio have launched a new version of their three-wheeled Ape, with a 4-speed engine. Launched back in the 1940s shortly after their Vespa scooter, Piaggio developed the Vespa Ape (as it was known back then) as a small commercial … Continue reading New geared 200cc Ape from Piaggio