Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod

Scooter and Service of Hamburg, Germany (S+S), have got themselves a bit of a reputation for producing some seriously trick street Vespas – we've featured a few here over the last year, like this piece of scooter porn, the scooter it was being fitted to here, and this tidy Vespa Cosa too. Well here is … Continue reading Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod

Scooter & Service, Hamburg – Vespa Husqvarna WR 250 update

You may remember our post back on 4 January 2014 titled S&S Scooter Porn in which we first brought you details of this automotive work of art...Scooter & Service of Hamburg began working on this demonstrator of their's last year, but as is often the way, customers' scooters take priority. The good new for both … Continue reading Scooter & Service, Hamburg – Vespa Husqvarna WR 250 update

Funky German Vespa Cosa

Yes I know, but we reckon the Vespa Cosa is gaining popularity these days, and when you can do things like this to them, it's easy to understand why. This one comes courtesy of those talented people at Scooter & Service in Hamburg, Germany, and once again they've applied their magic to create a scooter-motive … Continue reading Funky German Vespa Cosa

S&S Scooter Porn

No, this is not a vain attempt to draw your eyes in with a misleading title (hands up who read S&M Porn then, hey?). This is in fact a gorgeous example of a Vespa engine that's not only been tuned for performance but finished to catch your eye as well. Whether you're a scooterist or … Continue reading S&S Scooter Porn