Home Working in Germany

As I walked home from the post office earlier, looking at the amount of traffic on the roads I pondered just how many people in the UK were working from home during the current lockdown. Coincidentally when I arrived back home (from where I work) I received an email from SIP Scootershop that informed me … Continue reading Home Working in Germany

Stay Calm – your scooter shop needs you!

There is no arguing we are in strange and uncertain times that our generation has never before experienced, and if anyone thinks it’s not real then take a look at what is happening in places like Italy.  But life must go on and while we all do our best in difficult circumstances, if the opportunity … Continue reading Stay Calm – your scooter shop needs you!

Winter Product Testing

Just because it’s a little colder at this time of year doesn’t mean we here at ScooterNova magazine stop riding our scooters. In fact, the winter weather is the ideal opportunity to be testing certain products.Here are a few things that we’ll be reporting on in a future edition of the magazine, but for all … Continue reading Winter Product Testing

ScooterNova on SIP TV

Back home from our latest Lambretta-riding Euro jaunt (via Scotland), which included stopping by a few scooter shops in Germany to say hello. One of those was SIP whom I first visited many years ago when they were based on an old barracks site with stock stored an Ape ride away from the main shop. … Continue reading ScooterNova on SIP TV

Coffee and Lambretta

It's always interesting to learn what  scooter shops did in days gone by to attract customers, and here's an insight to 1971. Roy of Hornchurch in Essex were a Lambretta dealer through to the 1980s but in 1971 to sell the then  latest Grand Prix model, they offered potential customers a tuned top end, big … Continue reading Coffee and Lambretta

Funky German Vespa Cosa

Yes I know, but we reckon the Vespa Cosa is gaining popularity these days, and when you can do things like this to them, it's easy to understand why. This one comes courtesy of those talented people at Scooter & Service in Hamburg, Germany, and once again they've applied their magic to create a scooter-motive … Continue reading Funky German Vespa Cosa