Home Working in Germany

As I walked home from the post office earlier, looking at the amount of traffic on the roads I pondered just how many people in the UK were working from home during the current lockdown. Coincidentally when I arrived back home (from where I work) I received an email from SIP Scootershop that informed me that apparently from today in Germany, “employers are obliged to offer a home office to anyone who can be made to work from home,” in a further effort to prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

SIP Scootershop told us, “We would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you how many of our employees currently work from their home office – to protect themselves and others and as a contribution to reducing the incidence of infection.”

Staff at SIP working from home include their technician Christoph who has been in his home office since December. Apparently he answers the phone or supports by email when customers have specific technical questions that not everyone in the sales team can answer. Christoph also takes the phone to his private workshop and photographs or films details for the customer.

Currently, SIP Scootershop has 16 employees working from home, from the accounting, purchasing and sales departments and if you’re interested in learning a little more about how are working their way through the pandemic click here.

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