Coffee and Lambretta

It’s always interesting to learn what ¬†scooter shops did in days gone by to attract customers, and here’s an insight to 1971.

Roy of Hornchurch in Essex were a Lambretta dealer through to the 1980s but in 1971 to sell the then ¬†latest Grand Prix model, they offered potential customers a tuned top end, big carb, lightweight panelwork, the promise of a forthcoming 5-speed gearbox…. And a welcoming cup of coffee for all!

One thought on “Coffee and Lambretta

  1. I purchased his former racing bike that Dikie Bird raced. TV200 bored out to a 230. Wal Phillips inch and a quarter fuel injector. Arthur Francis exhaust. Oversized tyres for top end. Sculptured fly wheel. All the floor boards and fairing were cutback so it could lean into bends. Raced it numerous time with no real success. Hell of a bike. So fast

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