Winter Product Testing

Just because it’s a little colder at this time of year doesn’t mean we here at ScooterNova magazine stop riding our scooters. In fact, the winter weather is the ideal opportunity to be testing certain products.Here are a few things that we’ll be reporting on in a future edition of the magazine, but for all … Continue reading Winter Product Testing

New MOT, new tyres

While the scooter-rally season might be over, there's no reason to pack the scooter away until next Easter. Here at ScooterNova magazine we just wrap up a little warmer than did a few months ago! Today my Vespa T5 needed an MOT and with  a receding back tyre it seemed like a sensible opportunity to … Continue reading New MOT, new tyres

Vespa World Days – ScooterNova magazine in Belfast

The roads of Europe are currently buzzing with Lambrettas winding their way home from Spain and Vespas heading across to Northern Ireland. ScooterNova magazine are proud to to part of the Vespa World Days event and you'll find a postcard and sticker from us in all of the goodie bags given out to participants upon … Continue reading Vespa World Days – ScooterNova magazine in Belfast

Win a 5-Speed gearbox and Malossi kit!

Who wants to win a Lambretta 5-speed Clo5e Ratio gearbox, or a Malossi cylinder kit in a  free to enter competition? You do? Well you'd better read on... If you are one of the many people who already enjoys the new, independent ScooterNova magazine, then this won't be news to you – presuming you already … Continue reading Win a 5-Speed gearbox and Malossi kit!

Butcher Garage Project Esc: the full article

The latest amazing customised Vespa from Butcher Garage in St Petersburg, exclusively in the new ScooterNova magazine.

Scooterist Meltdown, Wunderland, Kalkar, Germany 2018

Spirit of 84 Scooterists have been putting on this pre-season winter warmer event since 2013. It's an all-inclusive treat set in the surreal surroundings of a never-commissioned nuclear power station.  All mod cons are available in the numerous hotel buildings with a menu of all you can eat buffet meals and all alcoholic beverages included … Continue reading Scooterist Meltdown, Wunderland, Kalkar, Germany 2018

ScooterNova on SIP TV

Back home from our latest Lambretta-riding Euro jaunt (via Scotland), which included stopping by a few scooter shops in Germany to say hello. One of those was SIP whom I first visited many years ago when they were based on an old barracks site with stock stored an Ape ride away from the main shop. … Continue reading ScooterNova on SIP TV