Win a 5-Speed gearbox and Malossi kit!

Who wants to win a Lambretta 5-speed Clo5e Ratio gearbox, or a Malossi cylinder kit in a  free to enter competition?
You do? Well you’d better read on…

If you are one of the many people who already enjoys the new, independent ScooterNova magazine, then this won’t be news to you – presuming you already have a copy of edition 7 of course.
However, for those who have yet to discover our alternative publication, then you won’t know that to celebrate the first year of ScooterNova magazine, we teamed up with AF Rayspeed and VE UK to offer our readers some wonderful prizes in a free to enter competition.
For the Lambretta rider we have one of AF Rayspeed’s brand new Clo5e Ratio 5-speed gearbox. Andy has one in the TS1 engine he’s currently building and edition 7 of ScooterNova magazine also features an exclusive interview with Ben Kemp on the development of this gearbox.
Meanwhile for Vespa riders we have a Malossi cylinder kit up for grabs, courtesy of Malossi importer VE UK, the performance kit of choice for many Vespa riders over the decades including Iggy whose PX is currently sporting a Malossi top end.
So what do you have to do to enter? If you haven’t got it already, ScooterNova magazine edition 7 is what you need because it has all the competition details inside (and fyi, there is one question, not two as the magazine suggests – apologies!).
You can buy ScooterNova magazine online, directly from us here. You can also buy ScooterNova magazine from selected scooter shops throughout the UK and Europe, a list of which can be found here.
Alternatively, the ScooterNova stall can be found at various scooter rallies and events throughout the UK, as well as a few in Europe. The Lambretta Club Great Britain, Vespa Club of Britain, South West Scooter Clubs and Crusader Promotions stalls at rallies and events all also stock ScooterNova magazine, as do various other traders.
Some of the events we are at are listed here.
You’ve got until the end of June 2018 to enter the competition, so get yourself a copy of ScooterNova edition 7 sooner rather than later!

** ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine, published bi-monthly by scooterists. Printed on to high quality paper, the articles are credible and in-depth, and cover the wide spectrum of classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters, as well as other, less known marques.
You can pre-order, buy and subscribe online here.
Edition 7 includes a test ride and opinion on the Casa Performance 265cc engines, the EXCLUSIVE full article on the SIP Scootershop/ Butcher Garage Project ESC Vespa Scrambler, an EXCLUSIVE interview with the scooterists about the 80s Manchester scene and their part in the formation of the  Stone Roses, an exclusive tale from the Lambretta archives about the 60s prototype with a reed valve, the story of the Lambretta Rallymaster scooter, a Garagista Vespa Rally, Whitby, VMSC Show, Burton Brewers, the restoration of a classic Custom PX and loads more.
Find out more about ScooterNova magazine here.

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