Ian Brown, Scooter Boys & The Stone Roses

2coversroses7.jpgIt’s hardly a secret that from within the scooter scene have emerged more than a few successful musicians, and ScooterNova magazine is the only one to bring the story behind the early days of the Stone Roses whose members  included several rally-going scooterists.
Record Store Day back in April is an event to promote local independent record shops, and saw the release of a limited edition single by The Waterfront who formed in the early 1980s when a group of friends and scooterboys decided to form a band. Those riding scooters at the time included Andy Couzens, David ‘Kaiser’ Carty, Mani and John Squire.

Stone Roses circa 1985, (L-R): Andy Couzens, Alan ‘Reni’ Wren, Pete Garner, John Squire and Ian Brown

After recording a couple of demo tracks the plan was to recruit fellow scooterist Ian Brown and start playing gigs. That never happened, they split up but a short while later these chaps formed another band; the Stone Roses. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kaiser and Andy, talking scooters and music at the Old Nags Head, Manchester.

It seems fitting therefore that an independent magazine such as ScooterNova is the place where you’ll find an exclusive interview with Andy and Kaiser, both still rally-going scooterists, about the early 1980s scooter scene and of course music.
Edition 7 ScooterNova is where you’ll find this exclusive interview, along with some photographs from those days.

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John Squire, Kaiser and Mani together at a seaside scooter rally, circa 1982.

highwaterrfront covers.jpg
You can find out more about The Waterfront’s Record Store Day release here, the two tracks; Normandy (On A Beach) and When The Wind Blows being described as from a ‘legendary’ recording session, offering an insight as to how early the Roses sound was being developed. Remastered from the original tapes by Couzens and available from participating record shops on 21st April 2018, all proceeds are be donated to the NHS Christie Foundation in Manchester, one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe. Any remaining copies are being sold by various independent record shops over the counter or online, and fans are urged not to pay inflated prices from third parties on internet auction sites as that money will not benefit the charity.
After leaving the Stone Roses, Couzens formed The High and they too have a release our on Record Store Day, here.

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