Stay Calm – your scooter shop needs you!

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There is no arguing we are in strange and uncertain times that our generation has never before experienced, and if anyone thinks it’s not real then take a look at what is happening in places like Italy. 

But life must go on and while we all do our best in difficult circumstances, if the opportunity arises to do some good then why not? No, we aren’t suggesting that hoarders be put in the stocks and publicly humiliated (Hmmmmm….), but we are reminding you that if you’ve time on your hands while self-isolating, then now is the prefect opportunity to get on with those scooter projects you’ve been threatening to do for so long. 

Whether it is a complete strip and rebuild, restoring the scooter you pulled out of a ditch six years ago, or even teaching yourself some basic maintenance, please please please try your best to support your favourite scooter shop. Many of them are small, independent businesses, owned and run by scooterists like you and us. 

At the time of writing the government has suggested we all stay at home and distance ourselves socially from each other to avoid spreading infection, but garages and suppliers can remain functioning if not receiving visitors. 

So now is the time, if possible, to order some spare parts mail-order, and have them safely delivered to your home. If they are still working there is nothing wrong with telephoning a scooter shop to ask for advice and information about your project and pay over the phone with your credit card. And if you need any guidance, then Scooter Products have both DVDs and workshop manuals for Vespa and Lambretta scooters to help you along the way.

Li postbox_IMG_6887WMIf you need any suggestions about which dealers to contact, then the pages of ScooterNova magazine should be your starting point. The advertisers in ScooterNova magazine are selected and we are proud to say that at some stage we have shopped at each and every one of them ourselves, or use/wear the brand. We are proud of the content within Scooternova magazine and the integrity we have, which applies to both the articles and the advertising pages alike.

So take a look in your shed, garage or yard, jot down what needs doing, have look among the pages of ScooterNova to see who can help you the best and drop them a line to order some parts. As an independent business ourselves also uncertain of what lays ahead, trust me when I say they will appreciate your efforts. 

Of course, please don’t forget to buy yourself some ScooterNova magazines too, so you can relax after a job well done with a good read! 

And then when all this is ever and done with, both scooters and riders are raring to go, and support the scooterists who organise scooter rallies for us to enjoy. 

Stay safe folks and see you all on the other side.
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*ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine, produced by scooterists for scooterists. Where possible we support other local, independent businesses such as our scooterist friends at Crusader Promotions who produce a lot of our printed merchandise,and the family run business in the West Midlands who produce our exclusive leather retro key wallets. ScooterNova is printed in Wales and sold through scooter shops around the world.
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