Lambretta Gun For Sale (part of!)

I'm sure most scooterists have seen or know of the French made military Vespa with built-in gun, but how many knew that Lambrettas were also¬† involved in the weapons of war? Innocenti did build a prototype folding scooter which they presented as an option for the military, but nothing came of that (it currently resides … Continue reading Lambretta Gun For Sale (part of!)

Hot Rod custom Vespas from Russia

Butcher Garage are in St Petersburg, Russia, and they caught our eye recently with a couple of stunning custom Vespa scooters. First there's Bender,¬† about which Butcher Garage state "at the core of this project is that what remained of the 1966 Vespa 150 Super after a Huey unloaded all of its firepower might on … Continue reading Hot Rod custom Vespas from Russia

ACMA Vespa & Lambretta LD

I've had this black and white print for years now, but I don't know much about it. Then I remembered, that's exactly what a blog such as this is for... The photograph was presumably taken in the 1950s. She is sitting on board a French built ACMA Vespa (according to the scooter's horncast badge) and … Continue reading ACMA Vespa & Lambretta LD