Project 5 – another Butcher Garage Vespa


In October of last year we brought you news and pictures of a couple of stunning Vespas  from behind the former Iron Curtain, and now, 12 months later here’s another to appreciate.


Like before, this Vespa – Project 5 – is from the Butcher Garage in St Petersburg, albeit this time a smallframe with little by the way of obvious modification.


However we reckon it is the simplicity and subtlety of this scooter that attracts us, together with the stunning original graphics (by Anton Gorbunov) which really catch the eye and make it stand out.


For those that want the details, well the cylinder is a DR 75cc with porting by Butcher Garage, there’s a DR primary drive, Primavera clutch spring, a SIP Road exhaust, Carbon shocks, Metzler tyres and a custom seat by A.Torgashev. If you want to find out more – and we strongly recommend you check out their previous work here too – visit the Butcher Garage website.


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