Trick new Vespa GTS twin tail can

gtsremus01Austrian exhaust manufacturer Remus have come up with a trick new pipe for the Vespa GTS range that not only looks the mutt’s nuts but also   gives a little performance boost too, so they claim.

The Remus RSC Dual Flow for Vespa apparently not only offers a ‘powerful and distinctive sound’ but certainly gives a distinctive new look in the world of automatic four-stroke scooter engines.


The Remus Dual Flow is a slip-on-system (silencer with connection pipe) together with heat-resistant protection plate available in a stainless steel version (469 Euros) and a carbon fibre (549 Euros), with a ‘road legal’ catalytic conversion insert also available for 70 euros (all prices  plus VAT).

Remus claim that even without changes to the ignition and carburation mapping a small gain in performance can be achieved – in addition to the enhanced sound of course – whilst playing about with the insert seems to offer even more according to their dyno graph.

Available for the Vespa GTS 125, 250 and 300 range of scooters, we foun this on the main European website so aren’t sure if it’s available in the UK yet.


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