Lambretta MooN – hot rod style


This French Lambretta LD had spent many years gently residing in a barn, until it was discovered upon when it became destined for better things.

We’re not sure who exactly to credit at the various stages of modification, so forgive us if we’re wrong.

April 2015 and the Bullish Brothers have posted the pictures here of the Lambretta with its paint removed, the bodywork stripped and that rather tasty centre tank added.


They also explain that this 1957 LD has lost 200mm from the steering column and 150mm from the seat height while in the workshop of the Bullish Brothers, and that they also added the suicide gear shift (so as not to hurt their wrist when changing gear?) and changed the exhaust.

Their last note suggests the next stage is painting, although we think it looks pretty good as it is, maybe only adding a little more paint stripper for that real rat rod look?

The LD Moon Lambretta next appears on the Facebook page of Brus Custom in October, who we think are aka the Bullish Brothers, but we’re not 100% certain yet!

Photo by photo Benjamin Roy
Photo by photo Benjamin Roy


Anyway, the expansion exhaust pipe has been completed, the scooter painted and to be honest, it doesn’t look half bad.

Photo by photo Benjamin Roy
Photo by photo Benjamin Roy

Granted it won’t be fast, even with that aftermarket home-built exhaust, and the rider will probably welcome only having three gears with that suicide shift, but as far as eye-catching scooters go, this Moon Lambretta should attract some attention.

moon lambretta ld

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