Enjoy a New Read

With what is arguably the most colourful front cover yet of our first 22 magazines, the latest edition of ScooterNova has now landed with most of our stockists and European subscribers. Whether you are a Lambretta or Vespa fanatic, there is https://scooternova.bigcartel.com/ plenty to read and enjoy about the new edition 22 of ScooterNova magazine, from … Continue reading Enjoy a New Read

ScooterExpo – a fabulous new show

A fabulous new event arrives on the wettest day in July!

ScooterNova number 3 – be one of the first!

Good day and welcome one and all. We're just dropping you a quick line to say that despite a busy scooter riding calendar this summer, we have found time to produce the third edition of ScooterNova magazine for you and it's currently winging its way to the printers. We've ridden lots of miles, taken plenty … Continue reading ScooterNova number 3 – be one of the first!

Classic Vespa restoration in just 3 minutes!

Okay, so it's actually three minutes and 10 seconds, but that wouldn't have worked as a title! In fact, if we're being completely honest it takes considerably longer than that, but that's the joy of modern technology – you can speed things up a little if you like. What we have here is a very … Continue reading Classic Vespa restoration in just 3 minutes!

Reasonably priced classics? 

It's been suggested that the price of classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters lately has spiralled out of reach of many.  However while some on eBay are asking fortunes (which we doubt they're receiving) and nameless businesses located half a world away are all to keen to take your money, we reckon a look locally could … Continue reading Reasonably priced classics? 

Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!

It was a combination of the £4,995 price tag and the headline of a '1965 Vespa PX 150' that caught our eye... and set alarm bells ringing! Of course having ridden Lambrettas and Vespas consistently since the 1980s and being what some may describe as 'scooter anoraks', these alarm bells may ring more easily for … Continue reading Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!