Exciting new read – Edition 24 has landed!

The Brand New Edition 24 of ScooterNova magazine has landed, packed full of wonderful reading material and fabulous images to keep you enthralled over the coming weeks.

We scoured the world for articles to fill edition 24 and in the process uncovered some real scooter gems.

Who knew there was a Vespa factory in South Korea for example?

And have you ever seen inside the SIL Lambretta factory in India?

Of the impressive feature scooters found inside edition 24 we have the above TV175, a bike originally sold in the UK when new back in the late 1950s, abandoned for many years until it was brought back to it’s former glory and subtly accessorised by the good people at Rimini Lambretta Centre.

From Switzerland we have this stunning Vespa GS,  a design classic by many people’s standards yet enhanced and improved for the 21st century. It really is a work of art.

We also got to check out some Japanese classics in more detail and discover how advanced they were compared to some European rivals of their time. Check out the Fuji Rabbit Superflow, an automatic for the 60s.

From that same decade there’s a stunning Lambretta SX200, inspired by racers and club riders from that era.
While from the 50s we have a rarely spotted Model U Vespa to enjoy that has a great story behind it of its early days and how it came to reside in the UK.

The articles continue with the next instalment of Dean Orton’s Guide to Scooter Rustoration, an interesting overview of the classic scooter scene in Japan, an interview with Dick Sedgley about his time at Lambretta Concessionaires and Roy of Hornchurch, new products and reviews, and ‘Nudger’ goes touring in Scotland. By the way, we have apologised to him already but in Andy’s haste to make the article look even more appealing, he accidentally obliterated Nudger’s last sentence. It was poetically written as we’ll bring it to you in edition 25. Spoiler alert; he does live happily ever after! 😉

All this and more, thanks to another amazing list of contributors to the magazine including the aforementioned Mr Orton, Sekwang Ji, Ryo Tsuchiyama, Nigel ‘Nudger’ Dunlop, Rob Whitehead and Paul Hart. All packed into 100 quality pages with a cover designed by fellow scooterist Ian Gregory.

ScooterNova edition 24 should be on the shelves of British scooter shops and stockists now, with European retailers due to receive theirs soon. You can also buy from our secure online shop for home delivery by clicking this link or subscribe here and have ScooterNova delivered directly to your door on regular basis.