Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!

It was a combination of the £4,995 price tag and the headline of a '1965 Vespa PX 150' that caught our eye... and set alarm bells ringing! Of course having ridden Lambrettas and Vespas consistently since the 1980s and being what some may describe as 'scooter anoraks', these alarm bells may ring more easily for … Continue reading Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!

Vespa Raid Morocco

Does the Isle of Wight bore you? Is EuroLambretta or World Vespa Days just not challenging enough? How about north Africa then?Look interesting? It's caught our attention anyway and while our Spanish isn't too great, we can deduce a few things from the Vespa Raid Maroc website and their Facebook page. This event began with … Continue reading Vespa Raid Morocco