Art on the Street – Slacker Vs Banksy

When a new piece of Banksy art emerges during lockdown and you've little to do socially because of Covid, why not make your next scooter riding destination a side street in Nottingham to check it out? Like many, we've been fans of Banksy's work for a number of years now. Back in 2009 we stopped … Continue reading Art on the Street – Slacker Vs Banksy

An afternoon in France with Vespa (and Silver City)

Taking your scooters to France for the afternoon, for less than a fiver? it can only be the 1950s, can't it? Indeed it was, and here is a jolly little film, complete with sexist commentary about four young ladies who did just that on their British built (in Bristol) Douglas Vespa scooters back in 1952, … Continue reading An afternoon in France with Vespa (and Silver City)

Vespa beats Lambretta in 2-stroke battle

It's a common misconception that the first Vespas fitted with 2-stroke oil injection were the P-range models of the 70s and 80s. However, Piaggio developed and produced the technology much earlier indeed. Not only that, but you could buy a Vespa with such a feature before the Lambretta Cometa Lubematic became available. In 1965 Douglas … Continue reading Vespa beats Lambretta in 2-stroke battle

Vespa 70th anniversary event

  2016 will be the 70th anniversary of the Vespa scooter, April 1946 being when the Vespa 98 made its debut.  There will no doubt be many celebrations next year, but the biggest here in England is likely to be this Vespa Club of Britain rally to the home of Douglas built Vespa scooters, Bristol.  The … Continue reading Vespa 70th anniversary event

An English Roman Holiday

Everyone know Audrey Hepburn starred with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, a film that launch the career of the Vespa scooter on the silver screen.It also did wonders for the marketing of the product, which leads me up to this post because while most will recognise the lead photo as a still from said film, … Continue reading An English Roman Holiday