Vespa – By Royal Appointment


What better endorsement for your product than to have members of the Royal Family as proud  owners?

That was the claim of Douglas (Sales and Service) Ltd during the 60s, that the Vespa scooters they imported and produced were ‘By Royal Appointment’.

This advert lists the Bristol-built Vespa 125 and 150 models alongside the Vespa Gran Sport 150 which was imported from Italy. All scooters came with a 12 month warranty too, which was more than many rivals offered at that time.

Although the Royal warrant is not present on this advert, a number of Douglas Vespa scooters sold in England during the 60s did feature a waterslide of thr Royal crest on their legshields.

Interestingly, Douglas’ parent company Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co Ltd boasted it employed in total 13,000 people in Great Britain. Not all of this were involved in building Vespas in Bristol of course, but it does still hark back to the days when manufacturing in this country were at a peak…

Douglas Vespa advert.
Douglas Vespa advert.

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