Scooter Wonderland this Christmas

Yes folks, edition 23 is about to roll off the printing presses in deepest, darkest Wales and if you’ve pre-ordered or subscribed by Sunday 13 December your copy will be posted out before the Christmas deadline too!

As always, the magazine is packed full of wonderful reading material and fabulous images to keep you enthralled over the Festive period. We celebrate both 75 years of Vespa AND 70 Years of Douglas Vespa, the British scooter produced under licence, both with some wonderful archive material and lesser-known history. For instance, how many know about the 1940s Velta scooter…?
On the Lambretta front we have more exclusive Lambretta factory images courtesy of Vittorio Tessera, this time of the 1965 launch of the Lambro 550. We also have articles about a Scottish GT rescues from the scrapheap and a stunning DTC painted Royspeed Demonstrator.
Other guest contributors include Brad with further reminiscing of the 70s in Time Trouble & Money, Iggy looks at 21st century tuning and rides the TType 265, and Serena tells us about her first scooter, a Vespa 50 special.
Speaking of times gone by, we have seven pages about a fantastic 1958 Lambretta LD that is just as it was when parked up in 1962. There is also some lovely history to share about his scooter too, which all makes for a lovely read.
On the flip side, our homebuilt Garagista wonder this time is a TS1-powdered LD that has literally risen from the ashes. For those missing the ride read about a Covid Castle Challenge, and for the more obscure we have a confused 1951 Aermacchi too.
We will post pre-orders and subscription copies before the UK Christmas deadline but PLEASE get your orders in by Sunday 13 December to make sure. Click this link to buy securely from our online shop for home delivery worldwide.
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We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of our independent scooter magazine, especially during these unusual and difficult times. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Let’s hope hope 2021 is better for us all!