The 1962 Lambretta Rally to Istanbul (video)

Back in 1962, Lambrettista from all over Europe rode to Istanbul for a big international Lambretta scooter rally there. Those attending included scooterists from Scandinavia, Spain and the UK, many of those attending riding all the way there from their home countries.For the British contingent, this meant a ride through Europe and over the Alps, before joining up to 300 other Lambretta riders for the journey to Turkey.

Italian petrol giant Agip supplied fuel tankers to support the riders, and just 7 seconds into this clip there’s the amazing sight of a queue of Lambretta riders snaking back along the road, patiently waiting to refuel their scooters.

I wonder if there’s any chance of Shell or BP following us to Switzerland this summer please?

Many thanks to ‘GP225Wildcat’ for posting this footage below (formerly from Mike Karslake’s Lambretta Museum) on the internet. Be sure to check out some more of their footage on Youtube, there are some gems there.

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