Lambretta Starstream

What is there not to like about a Lambretta J-range?

The Junior range of Lambrettas were introduced by Innocenti in the 1960s in an attempt to capture the then emerging market for lightweight, small capacity scooters. Although thousands were sold, they weren’t really a success, the rival Vespa cornering the market with their arguably more stylish and superior scooters.
Today the Lambretta J-range is still as a whole mainly unloved, but there are a few of us with a soft spot for these little scooters from Milan.
In my ‘projects’ pile is a late 60s Starstream (pictured here with model Jean Shrimpton – not my exact scooter of course, but a similar example photographed in the 60s!), which I will hopefully get back on to the road in the new year.
It won’t be as fast as my current road going Vespa or Lambretta, and I still reckon a Vespa smallframe is a better scooter, but it will nevertheless be another classic back on the road. Hopefully.

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