Big Sucker! Lambretta resto with rare Dellorto carb

Dellorto SS carburettor.
Dellorto SS carburettor.

Don’t get us wrong, scooters are always worth drooling over, but here at Scooternova the mechanics of the machines are often just as interesting too. Take this Dellorto carburettor for example…Our chums at Rimini Lambretta Centre in Italy know a thing or two about tasty scooters, and that includes the parts they fit to them. With this classic Lambretta TV in for conservation, there was the obvious choice of using a modern, refined carburettor for ultimate performance and consumption, or something that looks drop dead gorgeous.

Now being an original Ancillotti tuned scooter it made sense, both visually and tuning-wise, to stick with this huge 35mm Dellorto SS carb. It features a completely remote float chamber, and both the panel and floorboards were cut in the 1960s so this Dellorto could be fitted and the engine swing during use without it fouling on anything.

It may not be the most efficient piece of kit compared to modern-day standards, but that bell-mouth simply oozes style… and of course has the potential to inhale small dogs, cats, rodents and anything else it happens to pass by when the owner winds open the throttle!

To follow the Lambretta’s progress, check out Rimini Lambretta Centre’s page here.



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