Crash (helmet) Test Dummy?

20131222-090301.jpgFound via the @ClassicPixs Twitter feed this wonderful image from days gone by…

In fact it’s from 1912 and the caption reads “how they tested helmets in 1912.” one presumes that the tester was checked immediately for cuts and bruises and if none (or few) showed it was deemed a success. Long term effect of such head-banging would have been hard to determine I suppose, as you’ve got to question the mentality of this testing method in the first place! The original crash test dummy maybe? His friends all seem to be having a good laugh so maybe it’s just the chaps out on a jolly up acting the goat for a bet? Who knows, eh?
Fortunately the Shoei crash helmet I wear today has been more rigorously tested. All praise modem technology… And common sense.

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