New old-skool helmet from Shoei

Japanese crash helmet manufacturer, Shoei are the latest to join in with a new 'old-skool' style helmet for the ever-growing retro rider market. The new Shoei Ex-Zero is what the manufacturer describes as a "heritage full-face helmet." They continue that the Ex-Zero; "reflects the style of the custom bike scene and heritage Motocross-helmets in one … Continue reading New old-skool helmet from Shoei

Shark Skwal crash helmet video

In edition 3 of ScooterNova magazine we have a review of the Shark Skwal crash helmet, which features LED lighting built into the lid. So, as promised, here is a video to show off the LEDs in action. #ScooterNova To buy ScooterNova magazine, visit your local scooter shop, or buy and subscribe online here.  

Crash helmets – how do you choose yours?

An interesting post on Shoei's Facebook page prompted us to ask a similar question, what influences you all when buying a crash helmet?Shoei's post announced, "We now offer the Neotec, GT-Air and J-Cruise helmet all with a bright yellow colour option. With safety in mind were you influenced by the colour when buying your current … Continue reading Crash helmets – how do you choose yours?

Crash (helmet) Test Dummy?

Found via the @ClassicPixs Twitter feed this wonderful image from days gone by... In fact it's from 1912 and the caption reads "how they tested helmets in 1912." one presumes that the tester was checked immediately for cuts and bruises and if none (or few) showed it was deemed a success. Long term effect of … Continue reading Crash (helmet) Test Dummy?