Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film


Doing the rounds recently amongst the daily newspapers, is a story of a chap who has discovered a load of old photos from somewhere in Kent, among which is a 1960s press photo of a Lambretta being ‘ridden’ in the water off the beach in Brighton.

Chris Hodge is the chap in question, from Chislehurst, who has apparently unearthed 250,000 photos of “feats of engineering from the last 100 years.”  This one shows the Lambretta Amphi-scooter with various published captions suggesting it was “being tested” and that the photo was taken “during trials of the machine in the late Sixties.”

In fact the Lambretta Amphi-scooter was a promotional vehicle, conceived by Lambretta in around 1965 for an exhibition in Brighton. It was ridden there by Concessionaires employee Dougie Bedford, and the scooter was also used at other events for promotional purposes too over the next couple of years  – including an appearance on BBC TV’s Blue Peter show –  before eventually sinking (allegedly) in the lake at Mallory Park race circuit.

Anyway, to see the scooter at work, check out this film of London dealer Jack Hornsby (speedway of Acton) and his daughter taking a spin along the River Thames, that we’ve had posted on our main Scooternova website that’s been there for, ahem, a couple of years now. Sorry Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Yahoo and others, but you’re playing catch up!



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