Scooter Electrickery – are you baffled?


If like us classic scooter electrics can sometimes seem almost like witchcraft, help is at hand courtesy of ScooterNova magazine and Scootronics. 

While I think it’s fair to say that many classic scooters today use a 12v electronic ignition system loosely based around the Ducati system as seem on the Vespa PX since 1977, when it goes wrong many of us are not always exactly sure why. So last year we visited Anthony Tambs, the man behind Scootronics and with camera in one and Dictaphone in the other, came away with an enlightening article for edition 18 of the magazine.


Putting his training in electronics, digital techniques and industrial machine controls to good use, in recent years Anthony has been behind products such as the Gamma Tech RTSE meter, Scootronics stator plates, external pick-up, Universal CDI and IntelliConverter to name but a few.


In the article he not only explains why these products were developed, but also explains to us what certain components do as well as offering advise on such things as whether a battery on a converted AC system is better for running your SatNav and phone chargers.


The article appears in edition 18 of ScooterNova magazine, which is available now, so if you need a good, long, thorough read that will hopefully entertain as well as enlighten you, ScooterNova is available from all good scooter shops or you can have it delivered directly to your door by buying from our online shop here. 

Stay safe folks. 

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