Enjoy the read with ScooterNova magazine

In these uncertain times, maybe you’re thinking of wrapping up warm and staying at home for a short while. For a lot of scooterists, this could be time well spent in the shed. But after, or instead of that, we’d like to remind you that ScooterNova magazine is the perfect accompaniment for when you sit back with a cuppa and want to immerse yourself in some good old fashioned scooter reading! 

Printed in Wales on 100 quality pages of paper (so of course you can’t catch a computer virus from it either!), ScooterNova allows you to relax and enjoy our in-depth articles at your leisure. Offering a cheerful lift in these times of doom and gloom, we’re told by many it looks good on your coffee table too. And should you get called away and need to put it down momentarily, it’s easy to return to the article you left-off at by simply turning to the relevant page number, rather than searching for hours through Facebook for for a nondescript post you thought you saw earlier. 

You can enjoy full-size pictures on the magazine’s A4 pages too, from rare archive material to jaw-dropping scooters, and should you require any more reading material or yearn for articles you may have missed, we do have back issues available. We’ve sold out of edition 1, but with ScooterNova 18 recently published there are still plenty of previous issues to choose from and its not irresponsible to buy multiple editions to see you through these difficult times.

By the way, for those of you enquiring about our popular magazine storage cases, new stock is arriving within the next 10 days and pre-orders are now being accepted. These are produced for us in Lancashire, again supporting British business. Click here to order.

New ScooterNova magazine slip cases to store your magazines in, available now from our secure online shop.

So stay safe people, wherever you are in the world, and enjoy the read with ScooterNova magazine. We look forward to seeing you back on the road soon.

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**ScooterNova magazine is an independent publication, by scooterists for scooterists, It is produced in the UK to a high standard, and is published bi-monthly and sent to subscribers worldwide. For more details visit the website at www.scooternova.com