Happy Birthday Vespa T5

In the brand new edition 18 of ScooterNova magazine we celebrate the 35 years history of the T5 along with it’s derivatives, from the original homologation in March 1985 right up to the swan-song Millennium model. 

We don’t only look at the history of the T5 however but also include some rare images, little know facts and have an exclusive interview with legendary Vespa rider Norrie Kerr about the first UK road of the T5 that he conducted.

We also have T5 owner Andy Butler in for a chat with Norris; Andy now owning both the original road-test T5 and the one that waster ridden from John O’Groats to Lands End in record time. 

And if that wasn’t enough, with plenty of T5 owners out there still today (ScooterNova’s Andy being one of them), we also speak with scooter shop owners and employees from around Europe about what spec and extras they recommend for the T5s they themselves own and ride, as well as some useful hints and tips for what to watch out for. 

No, we don’t like to do things by halves… 😉

Of course there is plenty more to look forward to in edition 18 of ScooterNova magazine, from the desirable barn-find Vespa 90SS to the pair of custom Series 1 and 2 Lambrettas; Asylum and AVP. An amazing road trip to Norway on classic scooters, two original-condition London Dealer Specials from Eddy Grimstead (Vespa GS160) and Speedway of Acton (Lambretta SX200), a look at scooter electrics with Anthony from Scootronics, a Lambretta street racer that looks fast just standing still, and the first Lambretta to be produced in Italy since Innocenti packed up in the early 1970s – the FA 3-wheeler. 

All this and more can be found packed into 100 pages of quality publication, and it’s available now to but at your local scooter shop or online for delivery to your door anywhere in the world. Perfect reading material for those looking at spending some quiet time alone…

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