Live Airbrush Demonstration at ScooterExpo

We are pleased to announce that award-winning airbrush artist Dave Dickinson of DDK Airbrushing will be appearing at ScooterExpo this Sunday 21 May, giving a live demonstration for all to enjoy in Hall 1. Back in 2019 Dave did some live work at our first ScooterExpo, the finished art-board being cover art for edition 15 … Continue reading Live Airbrush Demonstration at ScooterExpo

ScooterExpo – entry details

Scooter Lab and ScooterNova Magazine are hosting ScooterExpo 2 on Sunday May 21st at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Here’s how to enter your scooter and a bit more information about the event. Our 2019 ScooterExpo was very well received by everybody in attendance and was noted for it being a bit different to a ‘normal’ scooter … Continue reading ScooterExpo – entry details

Ultimate 80s scooter memorabilia?

Is this the ultimate 1980s custom scooter memorabilia?  If you’ve got money to spare and plenty of shelf space then the show-winning trophies for the custom Lambretta's Dazzle, Wake and Spirit Walker are being sold via a well known internet auction site. The decision was made following a break-in at the Howlett family storage garage in … Continue reading Ultimate 80s scooter memorabilia?

Vespa (Ape) On Ice!

No folks, this is not a festive show featuring beloved childhood cartoon characters held at Wembley Arena, but instead a form of scooter racing to while away the winter months... The Sole Valley is a valley in Trentino, northern Italy and when the skiers have gone, the locals get their Vespa/ Piaggio Ape three-wheelers out … Continue reading Vespa (Ape) On Ice!

Piaggio Vespa Pole Position Trophy – Nelson Piquet

With the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix about to get underway within a few hours, it reminded me how things were almost 20 years ago. These days top of the range cars (mostly German I think) are given away to drivers who achieve Pole position in Qualifying. Back in 1984 however Piaggio sponsored the trophy … Continue reading Piaggio Vespa Pole Position Trophy – Nelson Piquet