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Scooter Lab and ScooterNova Magazine are hosting ScooterExpo 2 on Sunday May 21st at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Here’s how to enter your scooter and a bit more information about the event.

Our 2019 ScooterExpo was very well received by everybody in attendance and was noted for it being a bit different to a ‘normal’ scooter custom show. One of the main differences was that every scooter there was on show because in its own way it was special. We curated the exhibits in advance to give the greatest spread of classic and custom scooters you’re likely to see under one roof. The focus is on quality and variety.

ScooterExpo 2019


The Sound of Music

We’ve already scoured the UK for some new, top class unseen custom scooters and invited their owners to attend and unveil at ScooterExpo. We’ve also asked some iconic custom owners of the past to dust off their stored away machines. It’ll be a chance for older scooterists to reminisce on the day and will give younger ones a chance to see some of these classics in the metal for the very first time.

Two of the scooters being unveiled at ScooterExpo have a musical theme, as will some of the classics also attending, so we thought it would be nice to continue this theme on the day. So if you have a scooter, classic or custom, named after a song or inspired by a band maybe, we’d particularly like to hear from you.

ScooterExpo 2019


How to enter

ScooterExpo will have two halls full of the best classic and custom scooters on display and we’re inviting you to enter your scooter if you think it’ll add something special to the event. We’re looking for a good mixture of top spec customs as well as rare or iconic classics. We want ScooterExpo 2 to once again show the cream of the crop. If you exhibited at ScooterExpo in 2019 please feel free to contact us again, although we do intend to include as many new scooters to Expo 2 as possible.

If you’d like your scooter to be considered please forward a photo and a few details about it to

We’ll let all successful applicants know if they have a place by March 17th.

ScooterExpo 2019


Trophy hunters?

If you’re hoping to ride away from ScooterExpo with another armful of trophies you’ll be disappointed. ScooterExpo is an exhibition, rather than a competition. Everybody who gets a place will have the accolade of being part of that very special show. They’ll also receive a memento of the day, will be listed in the programme and may also be included in a future picture book from the event.

ScooterExpo 2019

More ScooterExpo info

ScooterExpo is being sponsored by Lexham Insurance and VE UK, both companies will be in attendance on the day and will be happy to answer any questions relating to their businesses. Norrie Kerr will also be compering our ‘Kerr’s Corner’ room where special guests will be grilled about their past scooter endeavours.

Details about who will be speaking, plus other attractions on the day will be released later…
Until then, for more details visit the ScooterExpo website here or the event page on Facebook here.







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