Lambretta Vs Vespa

What classic scooter are you riding this weekend? There is a good chance that it is either a Lambretta or a Vespa and that your choice today is based more upon your heart than your head. But what about the scooter riders of the 1960s, what did they base their decisions on? How did they … Continue reading Lambretta Vs Vespa

Lambretta Pacemaker

We came across this old advert for the Lambretta Pacemaker recently, in a 1960s British scooter magazine. Apart from being  a great period advert and the chance for a wry smile at their wording back then, it also reminded that we have a Silver Special frame and various bits festering at the back of the … Continue reading Lambretta Pacemaker

The Innocenti Lambretta Factory – from Specials to J range

We love looking at old scooter factory images because A) we love old scooters, and B) they can often reveal a few extra details that scooter anoraks (like us!) find REALLY interesting. Take this photograph here for example, from circa 1965 we reckon. For a start, it's a wonderful snapshot of Lambretta production lines in … Continue reading The Innocenti Lambretta Factory – from Specials to J range