Lambretta Pacemaker

We came across this old advert for the Lambretta Pacemaker recently, in a 1960s British scooter magazine.


Apart from being  a great period advert and the chance for a wry smile at their wording back then, it also reminded that we have a Silver Special frame and various bits festering at the back of the shed. In fact they’ve been there for a number of years now so maybe it’s time to put it back on the road?

By the way, the Silver and Golden Special Lambrettas were Italian market ‘special’ versions of the Li 150 Special, while here in the UK Lambretta Concessionaires signed up Gerry & The Pacemakers to promote said model, hence the ‘Pacemaker’ sticker applied to those scooters back in the 1960s.

Now where did I put my wire brush and degreaser?

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