What’s inside number 9? New edition out soon!

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Good news folks, edition 9 of ScooterNova magazine is on the way!
Completed and printed in time for the Isle of Wight scooter rally next weekend, you can pre-order online and be one of the first to receive it.
So what’s to look forward to in edition 9?

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We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the (Lambretta) Luna Landing and as well as a multi page article inside looking at the history, models and talking with the owners, we commissioned renowned artist Vince Ray to design a unique magazine cover for edition 9. We hope you like it as much as we do!

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Inside we once again have a varied selection of quality articles written by people like you; road going scooterists. These include reports from Vespa World Days, the Isle of Man, a catch up on recent BSRA rallies and also a bit of sprinting in Germany.

Also from Germany is a fantastic, shed-built Kawasaki-powered Lambretta that’s recently hit the streets. A clever bit of engineering indeed.
And then there is the incredible tale of a scooter traveller, aka the Blind Scooter Guy, who rode from South Africa to Ireland before illness took his sight away. Some may remember him and his friends arriving at the Isle of Wight scooter rally a few years ago as part of that adventure.

As for scooters, wow – have we got some gems for you! Firstly there is the story behind the ultra RARE prototype Lambretta 175 TV from 1957 that is now in the safe custody of Vittorio Tessera in Italy.

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We also have a pretty rare 1950s Peugeot S157 that was discovered in a barn in Suffolk.
By contrast you’ll want to take a second and third look the stunning accessorised TV Series 2, behind which is a story that reveals how much goes into a well thought out customised scooter of any kind.

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The next feature scooter to note is the high-mileage 1980s style AF S-type; the Metalfake and Vreeble paint being very eye-catching indeed.

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Of course it’s not all about riding and showing off your scooters in ScooterNova, we dig deep into the technical aspects too and edition 9 is no exception with all you need to know about tuning a 1950s wide frame Vespa, a subject that will hopefully see an increase of these lovely old ladies back on the road.
Barrie also offers a guide to scooter suspension, answering the questions you’ll likely have on your mind when thinking of replacing or upgrading yours.

Meanwhile Andy and Iggy have been out riding a scooter of the future – a classic Vespa with electric power. It was unveiled in Belfast at Vespa World Days, but we have now taken it for its first test on UK roads to see how it gets on in the city. We also took along a petrol-powered Vespa to compare it to that.

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Add to all this (and we’re still not sure how we fit so much into 100 pages – maybe it’s because we have fewer, but selected, adverts?) a look at what’s new out there, some product reviews, and of course the well designed high quality pages that you come to expect with such credible articles.
And all this for less than the price of a posh pint in London’s West End. Trust us, we know!

To order a copy of ScooterNova edition 9 simply click here and use our secure online web shop.
Alternatively, you can find a list of local scooter shop stockists here.
Or, if you are attending the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally next weekend, then visit the dealers market on the official scooter rally campsite at Smallbrook Stadium near Ryde where ScooterNova will have a stall. You will find other scooter dealers on the site also stocking ScooterNova magazine. That’s because it is an independent magazine by scooterists, for scooterists.

** ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine, published bi-monthly by scooterists. Printed on to high quality paper, the articles are credible and in-depth, and cover the wide spectrum of classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters, as well as other, less known marques.
You can pre-order, buy and subscribe online here.
Find out more about ScooterNova magazine here.

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