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theBastert Einspurauto scooter soon to be auctioned in Australia

Lot 23 at the Motoclassica auction in Melbourne, Australia on 24 October 2015 is

a ‘1953 Bastert Einspurauto Motor Scooter’, an opportunity for any scooterist with a liking for double-entendres would struggle to avoid!
Helmut Bastert’s factory in Bielefeld, Germany built scooters for a short period between 1949 and the mid 1950s. Expensive scooters even in their day, they featured a body fabricated from aluminium built over a steel frame and were fitted with an ILO 150 or 175cc engine.


Bastert Einspurauto scooter advert from the 1950s

Luxury features included aluminium wheels, an engine compartment light, A dashboard panel featureing an individual light for each gear selected, and a red leather-covered seat for the ridet that converted quickly to a dual seat.

In total it is believed approximately 1,200 such scooters were built, few of which still survive.

This rare machine haa an auction estimate of AU$30,000-35,000 which is around £13800-£16000.

Over priced? Probably.

The look on a policeman’s face when he asks what you’re riding and you reply “a Bastert”? Almost priceless!

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Bastert Einspurauto scooter


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