One Scomadi, 10 countries, 24 hours, 1961 km!


Congratulations to Markus Andre Mayer who set himself a challenge to beat a 2010 record of riding a standard 125cc scooter the

greatest distance within 24 hours.


The trip took place at the beginning of September on a new 125cc Scomadi automatic scooter, and after analysing the data of the speedometer and the GPS tracking he clocked up 1691 kilometres through 10 countries, beginning in Italy and ending up in Denmark.


Rider: Markus Andre Mayer ( Kempten)
Support: Ron Sqooter (Steyr, Rene Bartholovitsch (Kempten), Michael Kubik (Kempten)
Scooter: Scomadi 125 TL

Markus has set up a special Facebook page if you want to know more.


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