ScooterNova – a Truly International Scooter Magazine

With the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine hitting the doormats and shop floors of Great Britain, I began reflecting on just how international our small, independent publication has become in such a short space of time.

And by international I refer to both content and readership too.

The articles include a couple of foreign trips, but not just a weekend rally near a ferry port; one takes us touring the Pyrenees and the other farther east, the Ukraine and Caucasus. there’s even VFM’s Steve Foster revealing how he commuted by scooter to Germany back in the 80s!

The writers and scooters in edition 35 also reach beyond our shores. Regular contributor Vittorio Tessera reveals the story of the Tri-Lambretta, produced in Italy by Innocenti on their final years for the Asian market.

From Japan we have a tale of intrepid riding on a classic Lambretta SX200 through the snowy winter regions of the country. The owner Ryo also explains the preparation required to both rider and machine before such a journey.

Elsewhere we have a scooter from beyond the Iron Curtain, now residing in the UK, with the story of the Vyatka scooter (a 1950s Russian copy of a Vespa) written by one of our Swedish readers, Kari.

And it’s not just the length and breadth of the UK and Europe where we now post ScooterNova magazines too (and we have readers from Norway and Sweden down to Italy and Spain, with France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany particularly well represented), but also to Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Canada, USA, Argentina, Japan, India and even the Middle East.

Of course the core of ScooterNova articles and our readers come from the UK, but it’s wonderful to receive feedback from overseas subscribers about how they enjoy reading about the scooters and scene we have here. Similarly, learning more about what goes on elsewhere in the world is something British readers also enjoy.

And of course it’s fantastic to see how far ScooterNova has come in such a short amount of time. Thank you one and all.

Edition 35 of ScooterNova magazine is available now from all good scooter shop and selected independent retailers, or visit our online shop for home delivery.