Scooter Tyres – how safe are yours?

Dunlop tyre advert circa mid-60s
Dunlop tyre advert circa mid-60s

Now in our fourth decade of riding scooters without a break, I’d like to think that here at Scooternova we’ve learned a little about tyres. Gone are the days where cheap ‘n’ cheerful Ditchfinders were the choice simply by virtue of the fact that they cost less than the rest, now we appreciate that road holding, cornering, grip, use in wet weather and a whole host of other features take priority.

Anyway, here are some old tyre adverts from days gone by – back in the 50s and 60s, and I think the Dunlop one above sums it up rather well (especially with current concerns over Schwalbe scooter tyres –; go for reliability over style, and check them regularly. Different tyres suit different uses, so take advice from friends but remember what they use may not be right for your type of riding.

And it’s not just new tyres either – bizzarly we’ve ween people selling ‘New Old Stock’ classic tyres on eBay (at ridiculous prices) which while they may look ‘cool’ or ‘just right’ for that perfect resto, will more than likely prove deadly if ridden on the road. Don’t do it, it just ain’t worth it.


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