Viva Cento!

This is a lovely collectable piece of classic scooter and motor vehicle ephemera to have, an original invitation to the UK launch of the Lambretta Cento scooter.

Part of the original 1960s press pack, the date of the event at the Waldorf Hotel in London was postponed from 11 March 1964 to 17 March 1964 to allow motoring journalists attending the motor show in Geneva time to return.

Part of the dealer advertising material supplied by Lambretta Concessionaires.

The Cento was the first small-frame scooter from Lambretta to reach the market, one which Piaggio’s Vespa was already well on the way to dominating.

The Cento was part of the Lambretta J-range which continued in production until Innocenti closed in 1971 with some tooling along with the brand names being sold to the Indian Government. Production there restarted sporadically and we took a closer look at an Indian Cento in edition 5 of ScooterNova magazine.

And if you would like to know more about these cute little Lambrettas then in Edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine we have an introduction to the J-range as a whole.

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