Full of scooter goodness!

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Edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine is at the printers and if you’ve not ordered your copy yet, there’s no time like the present!
Despite restrictions we’ve put together one hell of a magazine for you all, with some fantastic articles by some amazing people. SN20_innlow
Vittorio Tessera reveals a rare Innocenti experimental 200cc Lambretta engine that has never been seen before!
Mark ‘Brad’ Brough recalls the 1970s, the styles and fashions of the scooter scene then.
Dean Orton begins his guide to scooter Rustoration.
Alex & Stergios write about travelling the world by Vespa during a pandemic.

Plus we have two stunning Lambretta street racers book-ending the 1980s; Brassy Bitch and Nike 2.

A gorgeous Vespa GS160 and Lambretta LD, both with history and the latter some wonderful period accessories.
From the garagista life a LML 4T chopper. An over view to the Lambretta J-range smallframes, from prototypes to production models spares and CP One35 kits.
Scott and Jacky’s A-Z of EuroLambretta, some recommended reading, product reviews and trick new bits we think you’d like too.
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