Big 7 Scooter Rally

In normal circumstances we’d have ridden the best part of 200 miles down to the Big 7 scooter rally in Kent yesterday, had a good party there last night and woke up this morning in a tent feeling slightly worse for wear!

However, never ones to shirk responsibilities, we here at ScooterNova along with our amazing team of friends and scooter club-mates would today be celebrating the launch of edition 20 of the magazine at Big 7, probably with a cheese & wine related soiree of sorts.
Sadly of course 2020 has seen most social events cancelled, so until next time here is a short film of our ride and the rally at last year’s Big 7.
As for edition 20, you can buy a copy from our secure online shop for delivery direct to your home. Click the shop link here to purchase and subscribe.

Take care and ride safe.

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