Inside a 2-stroke engine – how cool is this?

Ever wanted to see inside a 2-stroke engine while it is running? Then check out these cool videos from Chylo Racing in Poland who have produced various transparent components for an old Simson S51 49cc motorbike which allow you to do just that. Back in May 2021 Chylo shared a video on their YouTube channel … Continue reading Inside a 2-stroke engine – how cool is this?

New 2-stroke carbs

Small but interesting news from Italian carburettor giant Dellorto is that they have been developing and producing new carburettors for 50cc 2-stroke engines. While you might not be thinking about buying one of the latest generation 50cc 2-stroke scooters and motorcycles yourself, that fact that a company as large as Dellorto have developed a new … Continue reading New 2-stroke carbs

New British 2-stroke V-Twin motorcycle

Many¬†ScooterNova magazine readers are fans of 2-stroke engines too, so we thought you'd appreciate this news both about British manufacturing and also the good old 2-stroke engine. Many incorrectly assume that 2-strokes have been banned, where in fact that is ¬†not the case. What has happened is the development of 2-strokes has been side-lined by … Continue reading New British 2-stroke V-Twin motorcycle