New British 2-stroke V-Twin motorcycle

Many ScooterNova magazine readers are fans of 2-stroke engines too, so we thought you’d appreciate this news both about British manufacturing and also the good old 2-stroke engine.

Many incorrectly assume that 2-strokes have been banned, where in fact that is  not the case. What has happened is the development of 2-strokes has been side-lined by most of the major motorcycle and scooter manufacturers in favour of more expensive 4-stroke engines. So as regulations within the EU and around the world get ever stricter in a bid to reduce emissions, it becomes harder and more expensive for the big manufacturers to produce a new 2-stroke meet those regulations due to lack of development.

For smaller companies however, especially those aiming at a more exclusive market, spending the time to work with a sweet sounding, hi-revving 2-stroke motor is not so much of an issue. This leads us nicely on to to a new name in British motorcycle manufacturing, Langen.

Based in Wigan, Greater Manchester and founded by the former chief designer at CCM Motorcycles, Langen will be debuting their Langen Two Stroke at Salon Privé, held from 23rd-26th September at Blenheim Palace. The Two Stroke’s 249cc engine is produced for Langen by Vins, who are based in Maranello, Italy. The engine produces more than 75bhp (56kW) and 45Nm (33lb.ft) and was born from an ‘extra-curricular’ passion project from members of the Ferrari research and development department. Langen says that, “A combination of fuel injection, ECU-controlled oil injection, carbon fibre reed valves and electronic exhaust valves enable the engine to produce eye-watering performance figures, yet within an environmentally-friendly set up as a highly tractable, road legal motorcycle.” It apparently redlines at 14,500rpm!

As for the bike itself, the Langen Two Stroke is a handmade, bespoke creation. The chassis is made by hand from laser cut aluminium tubing. It features Ohlins front forks and British K-Tech rear shocks, hand-laid carbon fibre bodywork, Hel Performance brakes, Brembo discs, Dunlop tyres and will be produced at the factory in Wigan. The initial build will be limited to 100 individually numbered Two Strokes, which will be road legal in the UK. Production is targeted to begin in summer 2021. A further 150 motorcycles will be produced starting 2022, which will be available in homologated form for road use in other countries around the world. The Two Stroke is priced from £28,000 plus VAT where applicable and for more information, please visit

And yes, while we know this is a motorcycle we are talking about, but it is also a new 2-stroke powered-two-wheeler, which for most of us is music to our ears. Literally.
It also ties in nicely with the fantastic Vespa V-Twin engine built at home by Austrian scooterist Bernd that produces 50hp and features in the brand new edition 21 of ScooterNova magazine too. To read all about the Vespa V-twin 2-stroke project you can purchase a copy of ScooterNova direct from our online shop by clicking here.


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(Langen Two-Stroke images courtesy of Langen motorcycles)


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