Street Racing Scooters

Motor scooters may have been originally developed as a cheap, economical form of transport, but that doesn’t mean to say they can’t be persuaded to go faster.

Post-war scooters from Lambretta and Vespa are popular the world over with  commuters and enthusiasts alike. Throughout the years they have also been on the receiving end of many a modification, both mechanically and cosmetically.

In the brand new edition 21 of ScooterNova magazine we are prod to show case three stunning examples of such machines.

The blue Lambretta GP above has not only been treated to a performance engine complete with 5-speed gearbox upgrade, but owner Tony then commissioned legendary 1980s race-paint supremo Macs at DTC in Leeds to complete the job that so that it looks as fast as it goes.

Meanwhile this Vespa PX is now powered by a SG230cc engine with owner Paul also taking inspiration form the 1980s to complete his scooter with the PM Tuning up-and-over exhaust and a number of genuine period accessories.

Taking things to a completely new level is Bernd who has developed and fabricated a Vespa V-twin engine in his own workshop at home and shoe-horned it into this Vespa small-frame. To hear it run on a rolling road is music to any enthusiasts’ ears.
We have links to the video plus build photos and the full story of the amazing Vespa V-twin as well as featured on the Lambretta DTC and Vespa SG230 in edition 21 of ScooterNova magazine.

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