Inside a 2-stroke engine – how cool is this?

Ever wanted to see inside a 2-stroke engine while it is running? Then check out these cool videos from Chylo Racing in Poland who have produced various transparent components for an old Simson S51 49cc motorbike which allow you to do just that.

Back in May 2021 Chylo shared a video on their YouTube channel showing a transparent cylinder head in action. The video shows the process of how the transparent cylinder head was produced. It then shows it fitted and the engine running. If you’ve wondered what a spark plug looks like while working at both tick-over and full throttle, then this will reveal all – along with the need for some way of making the spark plug a little more secure in the head….



In November 2021 Chylo uploaded another video. This one shows their transparent cylinder, which along with a transparent carburettor float bowel and engine side case reveals more about how a 2-stroke engine works. Check out the video below.



The latest video from Chylo Racing shows transparent cylinder heads on a Jawa 350 twin-cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle, another fascinating insight into the world of 2-stroke engines.



If you want to follow the progress of Chylo Racing and see more of their work, then visit their Youtube channel here. We don’t know what’s next from them, but we’re looking forward to finding out!


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