New Interlocking clutch/crankshaft kit for Vespa 200s

SIP Scootershop have produced a new Vespa clutch/crankshaft kit as part of their SIP Performance. Suitable for range of geared Vespa 200 scooters (Rally, P200E, PX200, Cosa 200), they claim it forms the perfect connection between the crankshaft and the clutch on these largeframe models.


While the Piaggio designed fitment with a cylindrical flange, a spring washer and a M12 nut holding the crankshaft and clutch together works quite well in a standard engine, today’s aftermarket kits are creating engines so powerful that this tried and tested set-up is not always capable of coping with the outputs that have become achievable. SIP say they have a new solution.


They now have a range of crankshafts and complementary clutches available equipped with interlocking connections that they say are extremely solid and stable in operation. “This technology has already been established in our BFA 306 engine design. These performance engines are easily capable of power outputs of up to 72PS. When stripping such an engine following operation, the clutch could be removed by hand once the holding nut had been undone, with absolutely no wear discovered! These achievements led us to transfer this advanced idea to more conventional engine casings, set ups and clutch concepts.”


All SIP crankshafts and clutches equipped with this interlocking connection are compatible with each other. With this system the components are locked together and held in position by the M14 holding nut, eliminating the need for a woodruff key. We assume that the doing away of the sacrificial woodruff key has also been examined. SIP say that, “On original engine casings, a 3.5mm thick spacer disc must be positioned between the clutch and bearing, with our SIP BFA engine casings a thinner 2.5mm spacer disc is used.”


The clutches have 23 teeth, a diameter of 115mm and are fitted with four SIP CR80 plates and 10 springs. The crank spec is 60mm stroke with a 110 con-rod and the price for the complete kit at the time of writing direct from SIP is approximately £360 plus shipping and local taxes/ duties. You can find our more information from the SIP website here.

Alternatively contact your local SIP scooter shop parts stockist for a price to buy over the counter without any import duties and overseas shipping to pay.


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