New airbag protection

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Italian motorcycle clothing experts Alpinestars launched their latest item of protective clothing.  The Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 is the latest product in almost 20 years of Research and Development by Alpinestars that began on the race track and is filtering through to road riders. Their latest product … Continue reading New airbag protection

The future of crash helmets?

CES is apparently the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), this year's event in Las Vegas saw the presentation of a crash helmet that the developers think paves the way for rider safety of the future. There have … Continue reading The future of crash helmets?

ULEZ and an apathetic industry?

Yesterday, Monday 8 April 2019, will likely go down in history as the end of motorcycling in Great Britain as we know it. Yesterday, Transport for London introduced their ULEZ - Ultra Low Emission Zone. Today it is the capital, who knows where it will go tomorrow...This is not a sudden thing, ULEZ has been … Continue reading ULEZ and an apathetic industry?

Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

This might sound like scaremongering, but plans are afoot to charge both two and four-wheeled vehicles of a certain age to drive in London, and if it’s not stopped now then this policy will certainly extend around the UK to other towns and cities. What is ULEZ? Transport for London (TfL) have created the ULEZ … Continue reading Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

New Davida Full Face Helmet

British crash helmet manufacturers Davida are known for their open-faced crash helmets, as well as their retro 'pudding basin' style lids too. Producing helmets from their factory in the north-west for over 40 years now, Davida have finally decided to enter the full-face helmet market as well (the re-branded flip-front a few years back not … Continue reading New Davida Full Face Helmet

New Year, new bike licence?

It's nearly New Year folks, time for resolutions. So if you've not done it yet, what about passing your motorcycle test and getting a full licence? Here's how they went about rider training in 1958. No laughing at the chap at the beginning please. Oh and while you're watching it, note the legshield accessory extensions … Continue reading New Year, new bike licence?

and so it begins…. Vespa 70th Anniversary

In this our year of the 70th anniversary of Vespa, the Guardian newspaper report that the Vespa is under threat in the very city of its inception. Two wheels bad? from the Guardian In the Italian city of Genoa, the mayor has postponed the daytime curb of pre-1999 motorcycles intended to reduce smog after the … Continue reading and so it begins…. Vespa 70th Anniversary