New 2-stroke carbs

Small but interesting news from Italian carburettor giant Dellorto is that they have been developing and producing new carburettors for 50cc 2-stroke engines.

While you might not be thinking about buying one of the latest generation 50cc 2-stroke scooters and motorcycles yourself, that fact that a company as large as Dellorto have developed a new range of 2-stroke carburetors aligned with the latest and most demanding EURO4 and EURO5 anti-pollution regulations (for motorcycles), is good news for all of us interested in 2-stroke engines.

Dellorto explained that, “The carburetor has been evolved with a specific calibration and a configuration that includes the connection pipe to the solenoid valve that controls the carburation. The solenoid valve, that is connected to the carburetor fitting, is driven in pulse width modulation (PWM). The carburettor connection pipe controls the air bleed channel of the main circuit.”

Dellorto was one of the pioneers of this solution, which was later patented under the abbreviation ECS (Electronic Carburation System) and it is thanks to this electronic management that it is possible to manage the air-fuel ratio in all operating conditions within the limits on polluting emissions, while “Improving driveability in all conditions of use without sacrificing performance,” according to Dellorto.

Of course a lot of the Italian manufacturer’s development these days does involve 21st century technology, but that also includes the throttle body for the new KTM 250 EXC TPI 2-stroke, 6-speed off-road motorcycle. Yes, a brand new 2-stroke motorcycle that is larger than 50cc.

Two-strokes are not yet dead, they just seem to get negative press these days..


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