Tucano Urbano Airbag Vest

Today at Eicma in Milan, Italian clothing company Tucano Urbano announced a collaboration with French safety company In&motion which resulted in the development of the Airscud TN Flex safety vest. For those outside of Italy, you may not realise that in urban areas especially, local riders don’t always take safety as seriously as maybe some … Continue reading Tucano Urbano Airbag Vest

Motorcycle Helmet with Integrated Airbag

Italian crash helmet manufacturer Airoh and Swedish automotive safety supplier Autoliv started a joint pre-study aimed at developing a helmet with integrated airbag back in 2020. First unveiled in 2022 at Eicma, at this year's show they have presented an updated concept of their study. The integration of the airbag system into the helmet is … Continue reading Motorcycle Helmet with Integrated Airbag

New AirScud safety jacket by Tucano Urbano and In&motion

safety meets technology on the streets Safety air bags as part of rider clothing are nothing new. What is new however is the technology being utilised to operate them on behalf of the rider, and this morning Tucano Urbano launched their brand new Airscud that offers all the latest innovation. Tucano Urbano’s first foray into … Continue reading New AirScud safety jacket by Tucano Urbano and In&motion

New airbag protection

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Italian motorcycle clothing experts Alpinestars launched their latest item of protective clothing.  The Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 is the latest product in almost 20 years of Research and Development by Alpinestars that began on the race track and is filtering through to road riders. Their latest product … Continue reading New airbag protection