Cross Country & Into Europe – more 2017 scooter riding videos

We've a couple more videos of our adventures in 2017 we'd like to share with you, both of which involve   plenty of scooter riding fun! So with no further delay, our first short film is from the LCGB organised Coast-to-Coast run early on in the year, which started in a grey, wet north-east, took … Continue reading Cross Country & Into Europe – more 2017 scooter riding videos

Milan: home of the Lambretta factory

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Milano though, a pilgrimage to the old Innocenti factory is a must! Located in the Lambrate region of the city, a monument to the Lambretta was recently installed on a roundabout nearby, Casa Lambretta supplied the necessary scooter (we reported on its unveiling last year). … Continue reading Milan: home of the Lambretta factory

Lambretta Factory in Malaya

Who'd have thought it? Just when you think you know where all the Lambretta factories were ,another one turns up!Ok so granted this is an assembly plant, but either ay it's not one of the well-known ones. We found this story on the LambrettaMalaya blogspot, which sadly seems to be no more. Anyway, according to … Continue reading Lambretta Factory in Malaya

The Colombian Lambretta Factory

Continuing our photographs of old scooter factories (and let's face, what's not to like about delving into this kind of history?), here's a shot of the Auteco Lambretta factory on Colombia that has been used by Scooter Restorations in their advertising material in the past. Auteco (Auto Technica Colombia) began assembling motorcycles in South America … Continue reading The Colombian Lambretta Factory