The Colombian Lambretta Factory

Continuing our photographs of old scooter factories (and let’s face it, what’s not to like about delving into this kind of history?), here’s a shot of the Auteco Lambretta factory on Colombia that has been used by Scooter Restorations in their advertising material in the past.

Auteco (Auto Technica Colombia) began assembling motorcycles in South America in the 1940s apparently, collecting a licence to put together Lambrettas along the way. This they’ve done with Innocenti and their Series 3 Slimstyle range, Serveta/ Eibar of Italy, and as the photograph here shows, also with Scooters India Limited and their range of dl/GP Lambretta scooters.

The scooter connection continued with Auteco after the Lambrettas dried up, thanks to collaborations they have with Bajaj of India (who until a few years ago produced a geared scooter evolved from 1960s Vespa technology and tooling as well as their Autorickshaw which evolved from the Ape) and a current agreement with Kymco of Taiwan for modern twist ‘n’ go scooters.

Auteco Lambretta factory, Columbia
Auteco Lambretta factory, Colombia


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  1. Actually concessionsires 1954/60 ,assemblers of Lambretta 1961/77,started with series 2,Auteci started with car parts 1941,also did Excelsior,Ariel ,Innocenti,Eibar/LL,Innocenti,Serveta,SIL supplied parts in that order ,Eibar/LL in 69/70 due to Innicentu strike,sime bits made locally.

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